Associated Students Gallery

Images through the ages for UCSB's Associated Students.

IMG 5271
“ says that’s a Hawking Abacus."
IMG 5269
“What is this thing? C’mon google, reveal your secrets.”
IMG 5268
He just found that instrument on the ground.
IMG 5278
The name of their first album was ‘Let’s Make Sweet Music”, which, on second thought, was kind of uncomfortable.
IMG 5277
Drying his pet rocks on the towels up on stage.
IMG 5272
“This ‘paddle guitar’ doesn’t sound half bad.”
IMG 5281
“She didn’t look like she was having…oh, that’s the joke, isn’t it.”
IMG 5280
“They were right: flowers ARE fun.”
IMG 5289
“No no no. We jump ON 3. Then we freeze frame mid-air, wink, and then we fall back to the ground. Got it?”
IMG 5286
I was actually surprised no one was sacrificing their water to keep the flower alive for 10 extra minutes.
IMG 5285
“I’ll give you a flower if you promise not to eat it!”
IMG 5284
Woman on Left: Don’t eat flower, don’t eat flower, don’t eat flower.
The super wide view as things are just getting started.
IMG 5290
A nice orderly line to take your group photo in front of the bamboo tent.
IMG 5301
X16 Fashion - Round glasses are in.