Associated Students Gallery

Images through the ages for UCSB's Associated Students.

IMG 7187
She can enjoy the obvious reggae influences in Ducktales, but prefers the modern take on big band scat of Animaniacs.
IMG 7185
“Take us to the drop Huey, Dewey, and Louie!”
IMG 7181
“I prefer ‘Rescue Rangers’, personally.”
IMG 7180
DJ Byron continued his efforts to make the theme to “Ducktales” the song of the summer.
IMG 7178
“I have no idea where these cables go, but coiling them up perfectly is just SO satisfying, ya know.”
IMG 7176
DJ Byron on the turntables.
IMG 7174
Old skool program boarders coming back to enjoy the show and gloat over not having to do any work on this one.
IMG 7173
“You know the magic idol that is stored under the stage that nobody is supposed to touch?” “Of course.” “What would happen, theoretically, if someone licked it?”
IMG 7168
The round sunglasses gang was out in numbers that day.
IMG 7167
Getting publicity for the plight of the mermaids.
IMG 7166
People backpacks.
IMG 7165
They must have had practice, because no matter how hard I threw things at them, they never toppled over like in the movies.
IMG 7162
The guy on the right holds the record for most napkins eaten in under 30 seconds (46).
IMG 7161
Best shade spot on the field.
IMG 7157
In case of injury, an X17 bandana can serve as a turniquet.