Associated Students Gallery

Images through the ages for UCSB's Associated Students.

IMG 6273
The Aristocrats!
IMG 6271
The pirate jig.
IMG 6265
Secretly switched one water pouch for milk.
IMG 6252
Lots of sore shoulders and knees tomorrow.
IMG 6244
Seriously, these people needed hydration.
IMG 6243
More water for the weary.
IMG 6236
Delivering emergency water to the front of the crowd.
IMG 6235
Pirate and pal.
IMG 6228
“WOOO! Let’s all party like it isn’t Sunday evening!”
IMG 6226
I think it was some sort of complicated water filtration system.
IMG 6224
Chillin' and textin'
IMG 6221
IMG 6219
Do the bolt!
IMG 6217
Happy group.
IMG 6214
My facial recognition software put a little bubble under her shirt of Leo, which itself has a little bubble that says “weeping” under his eye. Meta!