Associated Students Gallery

Images through the ages for UCSB's Associated Students.

IMG 7254
“See? Keys would totally stick out and stab me if they were in the pockets. Just not reasonable.”
IMG 7248
“These pants are great for mobility, but they aren’t so great for carrying your keys.”
IMG 7246
“Plus, have you seen how much stuff you can stash in a trenchcoat? They made a whole show about a guy who carried around a samurai sword without anyone noticing because he wore one of these.”
IMG 7238
“It could be windy one minute, so I brought this coat. The next, SUNNY! Hence the hat. See, I think ahead.”
IMG 7231
Tinashe dresses in layers.
IMG 7228
Time for Tinashe!
IMG 7225
“Dude, if you’d wear a belt your pants would stay up. This is Pants 101 man, c’mon.”
IMG 7222
No time for a belt.
IMG 7213
“Did you not like the music? Or did you eat some bad shellfish before standing in the hot sun for 4 hours?”
IMG 7210
“Rock that art baby!”
IMG 7209
IMG 7207
Invisible cookie.
IMG 7205
Hands in the air, like they mostly don’t care. But deep down, they kinda do.
IMG 7201
Immobilized by the pink ray.
IMG 7195
Keeping the beats going.