Associated Students Gallery

Images through the ages for UCSB's Associated Students.

IMG 7477
Fans, also expecting a DJ-ing bear.
IMG 7489
“This guy has a lot of facial hair. That’s like, almost a bear.”
IMG 7494
Griz plays a saxophone to distract from the Griz/Bear controversy.
IMG 7495
“I mean, I AM cuddly.”
IMG 7502
IMG 7504
Still processing the bear betrayal.
IMG 7505
“Listen guys, I’m not a bear. I admit it. But I have opposable thumbs, so I can play music for you. That’s better than a silly bear, right?
IMG 7509
“A bear would probably just sit on the stage and stare out into the crowd. Or bite someone.”
IMG 7512
“Exactly! Could a real bear cue this psychedelic track?”
IMG 7515
“Answer: Probably not.”
IMG 7521
“You ever smelled a bear fresh out of dumpster diving? Not a pretty thing.”
IMG 7523
"My man"
IMG 7526
“Can a bear whistle? No, seriously, I wanna know.”
IMG 7529
IMG 7530