Associated Students Gallery

Images through the ages for UCSB's Associated Students.

IMG 6329
More with the tongues.
IMG 6330
I think this shoe thing was just temporary. They don’t look nearly as sad as the others.
IMG 6333
Aww, happy group.
IMG 6334
X16 Fashion - Just, like, whatever you want man
IMG 6341
“Can I pull off your wig for the photo?” “No!”
IMG 6343
IMG 6344
“Wait, so does my shirt mean that I’ve boned New York?”
IMG 6346
Teardown time.
IMG 6350
Now that’s a ladder.
IMG 6356
Master of the carabiner.
IMG 6357
Sad glasses.
IMG 6358
A sampling of all the Access cards confiscated during the show. Please don’t use a card that is not your own. You don’t really look that much alike.
IMG 6359
Heavy labor.
IMG 6361
Almost done.
IMG 6363
Sticking it to the bamboo.