Associated Students Gallery

Images through the ages for UCSB's Associated Students.

IMG 6071
“Like, we’d steal people’s food? That doesn’t seem like us at all.”
IMG 6074
“Woohoo! The captain is dead. Long live the captain!”
IMG 6079
This photo scares me a little, but I love it.
IMG 6087
IMG 6088
“You thought we left. You were wrong!”
IMG 6090
ODESZA was laughing until every act, all the way back to Extravaganza 1990, came up and did a little dance during their set.
IMG 6095
Can’t find his sunglasses.
IMG 6101
“And a one, and a two, and a four. Shit. Let’s try again.”
IMG 6104
“And a one, and a taco, and a DAMNIT ALL”
IMG 6109
“Drums, cymbals, where is my tambourine?”
IMG 6119
“Guys, I left my tambourine right here. Did the underwear gnomes take it again?”
IMG 6121
“Shh everyone. We told him that underwear gnome episode of Southpark was a documentary.”
IMG 6122
“I had it just a second ago.”
IMG 6123
“Nevermind the question of how a cartoon can be a documentary.”
IMG 6126
“Guys, I don’t feel complete without a tambourine in my hand.”