Associated Students Gallery

Images through the ages for UCSB's Associated Students.

IMG 5776
“And then he was ready to blow your minds.”
IMG 5784
“Give us that Gary Oldman truth brother!”
IMG 5789
“He comes outta the gate with The Professional, Air Force One, and Fifth Element. Such power.”
IMG 5791
“Don’t forget Batman!”
IMG 5796
“And one, and two sequels!”
IMG 5801
“Now that you’ve been educated on the Oldman, let me tell you about the origin of the devil horns.”
IMG 5804
“This ball represents my love. Who wants my love?”
IMG 5809
“I can only give my love to one of you at a time. This ain’t no orgy.”
IMG 5811
“What does it mean that I now have the ball then?”
IMG 5821
I dunno what’s happening now. The watch is itchy?
IMG 5828
“There are two pineapples left up here. Anyone have some rum?”
IMG 5845
Dance break.
IMG 5847
“Does YOUR necklace have an original Pentium chip on it? Thought not.”
IMG 5851
Doing the cabbage patch.
IMG 5853
Well worn boots.