Associated Students Gallery

Images through the ages for UCSB's Associated Students.

IMG 5213
Nitro Mate is NOT a British superhero, it turns out.
IMG 5216
This is water. If you’re attending X16, it is your friend.
IMG 5217
Omead, showing off the shirt.
IMG 5218
“Are you my friend? Screw it, I’m giving hugs to everybody today.”
IMG 5223
The rare kiss that might result in splinters.
IMG 5224
Waiting. Watching.
IMG 5227
Kid down! Kid down!
IMG 5229
The race to the front begins.
IMG 5230
Sleeves only slow him down.
IMG 5231
“I think that guy over there just said ‘Gingers Suck’. Maybe you should go over the ask him about it while I stand here and definitely don’t video the whole thing for youtube.”
IMG 5234
Time to frolic.
IMG 5241
Emancipator takes the stage. Like, by force.
IMG 5242
When someone has a violin, you give them space. You never know what they’re likely to do.
IMG 5244
The other half of Emancipator.
IMG 5245
“Dude, are you just washing dishes down there? What did I tell you? This is work time.”