Associated Students Gallery

Images through the ages for UCSB's Associated Students.

IMG 3763
"Am I use 'rapscallion' right? Grandpappy would sometimes confuse things."
IMG 3766
Elevator to the stars.
IMG 3770
"You da MVP"
IMG 3772
"Is your name a compound word? Like, Mad Eon instead of Crazy Millennia?"
IMG 3773
"No. Next guess."
IMG 3781
"$5 to the first person that can guess what my iPhone wallpaper is."
IMG 3789
"No, it's not my own face. Nice try."
IMG 3793
"My wallpaper is a rabbit jumping over a turtle. Duh."
IMG 3798
"Is this the Spock salute? I can never get that right."
IMG 3803
Dj-ing, now enhanced by the Apple Watch.
IMG 3819
I told you it was the only way to travel.
IMG 3821
Haha, yes, me.
IMG 3826
"You're giving us green paper for ice cream? Huh. Ok then."
IMG 3827
"I can't believe this used to be a cow. Woah, like 5 different cows probably."
IMG 3829
"You know, I DO feel really hydrated after eating this whole thing."