Associated Students Gallery

Images through the ages for UCSB's Associated Students.

IMG 3615
"Shit. I think they heard this song before."
IMG 3618
"See this arrowhead? I caught it. Like, it was attached to an arrow that was shot at me. I was trespassing at the time. My mistake."
IMG 3627
Big sky country.
IMG 3634
Mad hops.
IMG 3635
The danger of jumping with baggy pants. Someone should make one of those "the more you know" videos about it.
IMG 3641
The crowd loves videos about the dangers of loose clothing.
IMG 3644
Everyone gets down.
IMG 3648
Joey's mic was flavored like a german chocolate cake. I'm not sure who started this trend.
IMG 3657
Thoughtful Woman: Why does each act lick the microphone? It's soooo weird.
IMG 3659
"I want to take all of you...."
IMG 3663
" infinity and beyond!"
IMG 3666
"Toy Story joke? Really?"
IMG 3667
The young woman kept switching seats to make it seem like she was there with a friend.
IMG 3668
"This ATM is broken."
IMG 3669
Cat people! Run!