Associated Students Gallery

Images through the ages for UCSB's Associated Students.

IMG 3484
Surprisingly, churros did not make good straws for capri sun pouches.
IMG 3485
Furs are out. Furry head purses are in.
IMG 3486
"These are disgusting. Do you have any more?"
IMG 3487
He was actively waving at fans.
IMG 3488
Safety in numbers.
IMG 3489
"Are you taking my photo because of my hat? Well, jokes on you." She then spun her hat propellor and flew out of the stadium.
IMG 3494
Crowd shot. Maybe something about lack of seating arrangements? I dunno, use your imagination.
IMG 3495
Spin spin spin. Spin until your universe melts away and all you're left with is a vague sense of self, an inner calm, and a hint of cinnamon from a churro you ate half an hour ago.
IMG 3502
I think she was live tweeting her experience drinking that large iced tea.
IMG 3503
Preparing the world's most stubborn water balloons.
IMG 3507
"Yes, we boogie. We boogie so hard."
IMG 3512
Totally not chewing on something.
IMG 3513
And like that, they were married on the arm wrestling battlefield.
IMG 3514
Smiling groups are smiley.
IMG 3518
I think he threw her at me. Kind of rude if you ask me.