Associated Students Gallery

Images through the ages for UCSB's Associated Students.

IMG 7024
Unofficial counselors.
IMG 7023
"If you spin me, you can win prizes! One maybe being the krill I ate earlier!"
IMG 7020
He's a wine whale, btw. Cleary a rose.
IMG 7018
The fans start pouring in.
IMG 7014
"Please. B is for Burrito."
IMG 7012
"Did you, did you hear that?"
IMG 7011
(humming to himself)."B is for Banannnnnnnnaaa"
IMG 7008
IMG 7006
"Ok, I'm gonna jump over you, land on your foot, and do a tuck n roll over the rest. Good?"
IMG 7004
You haven't experienced shade until you've done it on your head.
IMG 6993
"Soccer jokes? Seriously?"
IMG 6990
"This is my new song. I call it Yellow Card."
IMG 6987
Happy band!
IMG 6978
"Did he just recommend something extremely dangerous?"
IMG 6971
"Have you ever stared at the sun? Like, just stared at it?"